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Effects! Preset Package

$5.00 USD

Do you want your Photos to stand out?

Insider secrets to using lightroom, and creating incredible edits that stand out from the crowd. 

Discover the keys to creating professional edits that truly showcase your creativity. 

Imagine being able to create unique and professional edits quickly?

You might be thinking that lightroom is too complex of a tool to master and that it would take hours of messing around in the software to figure out how to create the edits you see in your mind's eye. And if you're just starting out it can be overwhelming to know what edits are going to look professional.

I've been using photoshop and lightroom since 2007, so I've done all the exploration through these programs and have been using them to great effect. I've used these techniques on photos from all kinds of shoots, from wedding, to editorial, to baby pictures! You name it I've shot and edited it! I have hundreds of posts on my Instagram where you can see the progression of my editing skill. 

I want to save you the time and effort of going through over the top edits and other mistakes so that your true creativity can start shining through you're photos as fast as possible! I'm not just providing great presets that you can use on any photo to create an interesting look. With the Bonus Videos you get an inside look at how the presets were made. This gives you insight in how to think about editing your photos as well as techniques that you can learn quickly and start using to create your own high quality edits!

Here's what you get:

  • 3 (lightroom/photoshop camera raw) presets that will make the subject photos pop and make drastic changes to the look of an outdoor environment with just a double click.
  • A Video that explains everything that is done in the presets and breaks down the underling concept that created the effect. You're walked through section by section in the lightroom develop module, giving you the knowledge needed to create your own unique and professional results. 
  • Free Bonus LUT (video color preset) and Starter lightroom Preset! To give you a great basis to start from in photo and video.

Don't spend hours tweaking sliders trying to make edits. Do you want to waste your time trying to understand what every single slider in lightroom does through trial and error?

Of course not! That's why you read up to this point.

You want to shoot more so that you can improve your skills, build your portfolio, book more clients, and share your creativity and vision with the world.

Buy now to get ALL of my presets and save yourself time and download all of my knowledge on editing professional photos so that you can you can spend your time growing and creating!

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